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Do you have what it takes to survive in the underbelly of the world, in a world of Vampires and rival houses/covens will you rise to the top either on your own or with your house. 

In this game you will have to fight with and against houses and rival Vampires. 

Your power comes from your weaponry, buy casino's, prisons etc to earn extra revenue also buy your house property to earn your house extra revenue. Order hits and take out the enemy before you are taken out in this mmorpg

Recent News

A few minor changes  2017-08-02 7:30 PM

Some changes have just been made to the game.
1.the marksmanship targets have been edited to fit the game theme, more work will be done to then over the coming days.
Improved credit lottery prizes  2017-07-17 12:33 AM

I have increased the prizes for the winners of the credit lottery.
I've also added a consultation prize for those who do not win.
New quests added  2017-07-05 7:39 PM

Some new quests have been added
"daily quests"
You can view your daily quests by clicking on home
You can also view how far into each quest you are
Do these quests to gain extra rewards. The more quests you do the more rewards you will gain.
Under the hood  2017-06-28 7:07 PM

A small amount of changes under the hood has been made.

Keep an eye out for future updates that are in motion.


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