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Username WykdSin
Health  100%
Strength 1,677,532,523
Country Hidden
Married to Xander
Cash $ 9,633,361 Member since 2017-05-29 1:36 AM
Bank account $ 1,050,026,920 Referred by No referral
Family Psychomachia Last online 2017-12-15 3:40 PM
Gender Female Attacks won 181
Rank Godfather Attacks lost 7
Respect points 131 Murders 12
Protection No Missions completed 12
Xander Psychomachia 1,260,823,109
Xeny No family 8,461,738
Prince THE FEDS 1,940,840,002
CinCraven No family 1,353,480
Xander Psychomachia 1,260,823,109
Finbar No family 3,510
Kachina No family 48,423
CinCraven No family 1,353,480
NightBreed No family 34,508
Aragon No family 12,519,856
zylia No family 28,492
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!


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